"What at first may appear to be an ending

is often a new beginning"

Author Unknown

I'm New...



     Welcome to Cleves Church of Christ. For some reason you have landed on our website and we're so glad you did.  Please take some time to look around.  Hopefully you will find what you're looking for.  

      We know that it's not easy visiting a church for the first time and we do want you to feel comfortable when you visit.  You might have a lot of questions.  How do I dress?  Will I be singled out? Will my kids like this place?  Will I stick out like a sore thumb? You'll find answers to most of these questions on our "What to Expect" page.  

     We also want you to know that we're in the process of remodeling several areas in the church as well as restructuring several of our programs and ministries.  At CCC we want to make sure we're doing our very best to serve Christ, each other, and the Cleves community.  

     If you still have questions after exploring the website please call the church office or email cleves.church@zoomtown.com.  We would love the chance to meet you and talk with you.